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Concepts in Code is a show about programming and software engineering in general. Listen in as Hank an BJ develop apps and talk about the software development process.
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Jan 30, 2016

Open-Source Swift

Auto-tuned Sweet Brown

Swift's Evolution Repository

BJ's article on C-Style For Loops

Ray Wenderlich's Swift Style Guide

WWDC 2015 - Protocol-Oriented Programming

WWDC 2015 - Value Types

Effective Java

Wu-Tang Name Generator

- Hank: Gentleman Commander

- BJ: Annoyin' Mastermind

Parsing JSON In Swift by Josh Brown

Swift Algorithms by Wayne Bishop

Hacking with Swift


Almost show titles:

"Ain't Nobody Got Time Fo' Dat"

"The Other Side of the Colon"

Dec 9, 2015


BJ's CocoaConf Columbus 2015 presentation

Quick and Nimble for BDD-style testing

Better Unit Testing with Swift

Package Tracker pull request

Joe's article on test helpers

Jon Reid's Quality Coding site's issue on testing

Sandi Metz's Gilded Rose kata

Joe on Twitter

Joe's blog

XCTest documentation

Nov 5, 2015

Joe Masilotti tweet about Concepts In Code

Benedikt Terhechte article on enums

And Benedikt's article on reflection

Package Tracker app on GitHub

WWDC '15 session on Protocol-Oriented Programming


Almost show titles:

  • Chee Hamburg!
  • Silver Lining
  • Wouldn't be the first time I've had the police called on me
Jul 28, 2015

Design Patterns:

Erich Gamma's original paper on design patterns:

Bob's Your Uncle Wikipedia page:

Concepts In Code GitHub Repo:

Jul 21, 2015

Hank and BJ discuss the initial architecture for the USPS Package Tracker app, and set tasks for the upcoming week.

The pairing video we discussed can be found on YouTube:

Apple Watch allergen info:

PackageTracker repository:


Jul 9, 2015

This is the first episode of Concepts in Code. Join Hank and BJ as we talk about the software development process and decide on the first app we'll develop for the show.